The Adventures Of Yaya

Yaya’s first adventure takes us to one of her favorite places to be on a bright Sunday morning, the backyard of Nana Pola. Nana Pola’s backyard is where Yaya learns the story about her forefathers and how much they enjoyed soup joumou. Yaya and her family had a great Sunday full of storytelling about heroes and mermaids all while enjoying a great bowl of Soup Joumou in Nana’s backyard.

About The Book

This is the first of a 12 book series, The Adventures of Yaya. With every series, Yaya is set to take us on an expedition unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. Effortlessly she embraces the rich history, culture and language of the first black republic of the world, Haiti which she enjoys sharing with her friends, classmates and even strangers. Her confidence and grace is rooted in a loving family that supports and allows her to be curious and explore life through the droplets of a summer rain and also the bumps and bruises that comes unexpectedly. Yaya is the friend or sister we all wished we had and with every adventure, we are left wanting more.

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